Things to do before leaving Laos

Things to do before leaving Laos

In spite of having been long forgotten by the outside world, Laos is actually one of only few exotic tourist sites existing in the world. So what to expect? Check out the list of things to do before leaving Laos and get exploring. Let’s explore Laos with: Indochina tours Laos
Go Buddha Hunting

Wat Sisaket

Wat Sisaket- source: internet

Like other countries in Southeast Asia, Laos attracts Buddha hunters all over the world for its large number of gorgeous temples for them to visit, admire, pay respect to Buddha and discover. Being home to 6.840 statues, some of which are casted by rare bronze and others gilded gold statues, Wat Sisaket in Sethathirath Street, Vientiane capital city, is believed to have the largest number of Buddha statues in Laos. You want to be impressed by such stunning Buddha statues in the same place? Do not hesitate to add Wat Sisaket on your schedule. In addition to the values of culture, nice landscape, this beautiful temple appeals to you by all the beheaded Buddha statues situated at its left side. It will be unforgettable experience for anyone on their holiday in Laos. Laos travel and tours

The monks’ alms giving ceremony

The monks’ alms giving ceremony- source: internet

The alms giving ceremony or tak bat – a century old sacred Lao tradition is one of the most important to visit Luang Prabang. Early in the morning, since the sun rises, at 5.30 AM in the summer and at 6.30 AM during these winter months, the saffron-clad Lao monks in Luang Prabang will come out from their temples and walk through all the streets to collect alms. It is wise to get up early and come to find your own place to see Laotians prepare and set up all their offerings for the monks. Waiting for lines of hundreds of monks almost 80 Luang Prabang temples walking in silence are devotees kneeling on the ground willing to share their bowls full of the Lao staple glutinous rice.

Even though the alms giving ceremony takes place all over this UNESCO World Heritage town, the routes running through Th Sakkarin and Th Kamal and road by Wat Mai temple on Sisavangvong Road are among the most popular to witness this Buddhist ritual among tourists. This also means that you will have to fight hard for a good spot to witness how this ceremony is held. I recommend heading to one of the road sides to get yourself a quieter spot and enjoy an amazing opportunity to experience the most authentic side to this Buddhist ritual.

Enjoy magnificent sunset on the Mekong River

Magnificent sunset on the Mekong River

Magnificent sunset on the Mekong River- source: internet

If tak bat is what to take part in the morning time, a stroll along the Mekong riverfront at sunset is what to enjoy at the end of the workday. How can a sunset view be described? It is a silhouette of a fisherman paddling towards the middle of the Mekong River, a family with parents and children walking hand in hand and young couples sitting on the edge of the embankment and sharing some snacks in a fiery explosion of yellow, orange and red in the sky.

It is hard to imagine anything more romantic than admiring these fabulous sunset views on the other side of the river at your favorite riverside restaurant in Vientiane. Some recommendations are Moon the night, Bor Pen Yang, Khong View and Tawan Riverside.

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