7 places you should come for the first trip to Laos

7 places you should come for the first trip to Laos

The only country lying completely inland in Southeast Asia, Laos is one of the countries where nature, culture and people still retain their most intact characteristics. Without luxury travel services, welcomes tourists with ancient cities, beautiful wildlife and people who are honest, and hospitable. If you have a chance to visit Laos for the first time, do not miss the 8 locations below! Get to information, please click: Indochina tours Laos

Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng is the destination that attracts the most backpacking tourists. Vang Vieng is located in central Laos and is surrounded by majestic natural limestone mountains, caves, tunnels and rivers. There are many travel companies that organize adventure tours with activities such as kayaking, tubing, caving and hiking. Vang Vieng is also home to many bars for backpacking tourists.

There are a lot of fun things to do in Vang Vieng Laos

There are a lot of fun things to do in Vang Vieng Laos -source: internet

Bolaven Plateau

The Bolaven Plateau is located in the south of Laos, where there are large waterfalls, jungles and coffee plantations. The Bolaven Plateau lies more than 1,000 meters above sea level, having a cooler climate than most other parts of Laos. Tourists often visit the large waterfalls such as Tad Fane, Dong Hua and hiking through the forest.

Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is located on a peninsula where the confluence of the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers. Luang Prabang was the capital of the Royal Lao until 1975, when the communist government came to power. Luang Prabang is the big city attracting the largest number of tourists in Laos and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Luang Prabang, you will meet the monks in orange robes, visit the golden roofed temples and admire the French colonial architecture. Laos travel packages

Plain of Jars

One of the most exotic scenes in Southeast Asia, and also one of the archeological mysteries of the world, plain of jars is a large area in Phonsavan city. There are hundreds of stone jars. The purpose of these stone jars is still a mystery. If you visit Lao, do not miss this wonder!

Many of stone jars are larger than a person

Many of stone jars are larger than a person -source: internet

Wat Phou

Wat Phu, also known as Vat Phou, literally means “mountain temple”, is an ancient temple complex of the ancient Khmers from the 11th to 13th centuries. This complex includes ancient trees, roofed buildings, columns, courtyards, shrines, palaces… Wat Phu is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Pathet Lao Caves

The cave and tunnel system surrounding the town of Vieng Xai in north-eastern Laos are one of the places that few tourists visit. However, this is a very worthwhile place to visit. The caves here were used by the communists as a base during the Vietnam-American War, which used to hold over 20,000 people. In this cave system are houses, hospitals, bars, army barracks, and in-house toaster ovens. Later, the base of the cave was bombed by the US military and is now a visiting site.

Vientiane city

Vientiane is the capital of Laos and has many interesting places to visit. This city is beautiful with the winding Mekong river. You can visit Phat That Luang temple, thousands of large and small Buddha statues at Wat Sisaket, and Patuxai. Vientiane is also a place where cultures get influenced by different countries: China, Vietnam, France and the United States.

Laos has become a common place for backpackers in South East Asia

Laos has become a common place for backpackers in South East Asia- ssource: internet

Mekong River

The Mekong River is the largest river in Southeast Asia, with a length of more than 4,000 km and a large portion in Laos. Laos is a mountainous country, so the Mekong River is the main transportation route. Taking a train along the Mekong River and experiencing the river transport culture in Laos.

With the above provided information, we hope it would be useful for tourists who do not know where to visit for the first time travelling. Wish you and your friends, family have an unforgettable trip there!

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