What to enjoy in Khao Lak?

What to enjoy in Khao Lak?

Rich in natural wonders, from the virgin tropical islands to the endless beaches to its pristine rainforests to its peaceful ancient town, Khao Lak is a great spot to enjoy the beauty of the Southern Thailand. Travel to Khao Lak with: Indochina tours Thailand
Ton Chong Fa waterfall

Ton Chong Pha waterfall

Ton Chong Pha waterfall- source: internet

Situated some 7 km off the main road at the Bang Niang main road, where you can find a road sign for the turn opposite the night club Zantika, Ton Chong Fa waterfall should be the best place for a swim, especially if you want to cool down after hours going trekking in this area. Though you will have to pass a steep and hard 7-km long mountainous road along an uneven track from the national park entrance hut and the car park to the final destination with the danger of small pot holes on the side of the track, the stunning five-tier waterfall of Ton Chong Fa is well worth your effort.

In addition to a chance to refresh yourself by soaking your feet in and get a free cleaner fish foot bath at these small pools of water, you will also experience swimming in the vast surrounding nature when reaching the main pool at the top the track. Tours in Laos

Being at Ton Chong Fa means that you are in the middle of jungle

Being at Ton Chong Fa means that you are in the middle of jungle- source: internet

What to pack for Ton Chong Fa? Of course, the first must-item should be your bikini. Moreover, passing the narrow and steep trails to get to the top of the waterfall will require you so much sweat, bringing water, soft drinks as well as snacks with you is not a bad idea. Also, since you may meet some really slippery trails, shoes are highly recommended. As this waterfall is in the middle of jungle, you cannot find any infrastructures on site, let’s bring a picnic lunch with you! Having a light meal after swimming? It sounds great! If you plan to come there at the end of the afternoon, mosquito spray is necessary.

Takuapa Old Town

Takuapa Old Town

Takuapa Old Town- source: internet

Dating back to the 13th century and still holding onto its stunning charm with many interesting features of ancient Thai culture, Takuapa Old Town – the old quarter of Takua Pa, which was once one of the most important tin mining areas in Thailand, is an aide-mémoire of a glorious period in its history, now almost forgotten. Dotted both sides of the main Si Takua Pa Poad bisecting the old town are Chinese shrines, ancient Sin0-Portuguese shop-houses and traditional tea houses making it well worth spending some time exploring here.

Takuapa Old Town Market

Takuapa Old Town Market- source: internet

Sunday, when the main street is closed to traffic to change into a local market and showcase for various goods, is a good time to visit. After getting rolling around 15:00 every Sunday, the old Takua Pa market on Sri Takua Pa Street is full of vendors’ tables covered with Chinese-style boiled duck, Chinese sweet bean tea cakes, grilled chicken, southern Thai-style curries, khao niew bing (Thai sticky rice sweets wrapped in banana leaves), colorful luk chup and roasted cashews. It is one of the best places to discover Thai cuisine in Khao Lak.

Phung Chang Cave (Elephant Belly Cave)

Phung Chang Cave

Phung Chang Cave- source: internet

Bearing its fancy name as the Elephant Belly Cave thanks to its location inside big rock giving an appearance of a kneeling elephant’s body, Phung Chang Cave is one of the most spectacular places to visit in Thailand.

The gorgeous cave of Tham Phung Chang is famous for not only replicas of famous Buddha images housed inside but also for its strange water-dripping stalactite, stalagmite and other rock formations resembling a dragon, an elephant, a crocodile, etc all year round. Although an incredible 1.2 km long journey into the center of a limestone cliff to discover Phung Chang Cave is a bit spooky, it is a must-experience for any adventure seekers.

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