Tham Khoun Xe - A majestic and enigmatic river cave in Laos

Tham Khoun Xe – A majestic and enigmatic river cave in Laos

Deep and large size, enigmatic rocky structure and the location deep inside the age-old forest are special features of Tham Khoun Xe Cave which captures the attention from adventure and exploration lovers. There is no doubt that Tham Khoun Xe is the biggest river cave in the world, which belongs to a province far from at the capital of Laos – Khammouane. Travel to Laos to visit Tham Khoun Xe with: Indochina travel Laos

The beauty of Thom Khoun Xe Cave

The beauty of Thom Khoun Xe Cave -source: internet

Tham Khoun Xe is known from 1905 after an exploration trip of a French discoverer – Paul Macey. In term of geography, this cave comes from Annam Trung Sun Mountain located in the Vietnam-Lao Border, crosses the Nakhai Highland, and ends in Mekong River.

The reason why Thom Khoun Cave is regarded as the largest river cave in the world is its height of 120m and the weight of 200m. Besides, what makes travelers not to take their eyes off this cave is the strange and glorious geological structures.

At the period of 2005 and 2006, the tourism in Thom Khoun Cave is exploding and it turns natural site into a public exploration destination. The only transport to assist tourists to discover the beauty of the cave is boat through kayaking activity. From that time to now, Thom Khoun Cave becomes a place with favorable nature condition for explorers from French or America to do geographic researches. After having been awarded as the National Geographic, Thom Khoun Cave is a wonderful touristy location to many Westerners.

The entry of Thom Khoun Xe Cave

The entry of Thom Khoun Xe Cave -source: internet

A balcony with the height of 60m welcomes explorers in the entry. 100m is the highest point of the cave in which the magnificent and mysterious scenes can win the eyes of tourists at the first sight. Like any cave, the stalagmite and stalactite with the different shapes and color as well as the height of 20m accompanied with the colorful and eye-catching limestone wall always impress you much. That creates the difference is that in the mouth of the cave exists an age-old lush forest. It is great if you can see the perfect combination of the green of forest, the white of stone and the yellow of the rice terrace. Laos travel and tours

Stone deep inside Thom Khoun Xe Cave

Stone deep inside Thom Khoun Xe Cave- source: internet

Have you ever heard about the spirit story about this outstanding cave which is told by words by local people? Mysteriously and attractively! Let’s come here to get this story yourself!

Legend has it that people leave some broken music instruments here and came back tomorrow. They realized that they were amended. From then, they strongly believe about the holy spirit protecting them. To show their respect to the holy spirit as well as pray for the best things, local inhabitants always hold a celebration every year.

Indeed, the sightseeing is considered as one of the exhilarating experience in Thom Khoun Cave. Through this, you will have a chance to admire the mysterious and majestic beauty of the biggest river cave in Laos. If the time is not your matter, remember to pass by the national conservation in Hin Nam to learn more about the diversity of the fauna and flora here. The dry season from November to April next year is suggested as the best time to come and visit Thom Khoun Cave when the water here is blue and emerald. In rainy season, the water can rise up and your boat can find difficult to travel and explore deep inside the cave.

If you are truly an exploration and nature lover, a short time to visit Thom Khoun Cave will a promising time with the unforgettable experience to you.

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