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Southern Laos Adventure: Top places to visit in Champasak

Southern Laos has a mystery beauty to discover. Champasak is a beautiful province in southern Laos which is one of the largest granary of Laos and is also an attractive tourism destination with many famous scenic spots.

  1. Khone Phapheng waterfall

A jewel of Champasak. Dubbed the Niagara of Asia, Khone Phapheng waterfall Southeast Asia’s largest, has a length of 12km and there is always a huge amount of water flowing past filled with silt over a large surface lot jagged rocks when melt down. Khone Phapheng also attracts visitors because it is the only place in Southeast Asia where one can admire the dolphins. Here, visitors can sit and watch the locals fishing, or rent a canoe to go fishing freshwater pig or indulge joking freely waves on coastal rocks listening to the echoing waterfall rumbled. Indochina travel Laos

Khone Phapheng waterfall

Khone Phapheng waterfall – source:

Once there, you really understand why Khone Phapheng was dubbed the “Niagara of Asia”. Although no vertical walls and high water like Niagara (either the world’s largest waterfall, located at the US-Canada border), but has a length of 12km and waterfalls there is always a huge amount of water filled with silt on a surface flow through more extensive jagged rocks while falling.

  1. Wat Phou Temple

Wat Phou Temple is also called, is located at the foot of a sacred mountain called Phou Kao (Elephant).  Visit the 13th century, Wat Phou temple became Buddha and exists to this day, becoming one of the values ​​stored on the history and culture of Laos.

Wat Phou Temple

Wat Phou Temple – source:

Even the entrance to Wat Phou has a museum displays more than 100 stone statues, reliefs, carved decoration on a beautiful stone. These artifacts dating from the 5th century to the 11th century main gate and the front of the temple ruins now but still crisp imprints reliefs carved images of Indian gods Hindu.

Through the portal, visitors follow the path straight to the foothills wide the Linga stone pedestal, a symbol of the god Shiva. Pavement is lined flat rocks. End of the road reveals two main temple, looking east, opposite each other, on a high hill. Both temples are being restored. Tours in Laos

Unique architecture

Unique architecture – source:

The buildings here are made of stone. Upper temple is located halfway up the mountain. The upper house is also way up the stone steps, the two sides have rounded stone pillars erected. The temple is an architectural block ranged from large boulders, carved motifs picky, sophisticated. Behind the temple is a cliff, on which the talented craftsmen of old, large and small statues carved very alive.

Looking into the temple architecture, the work envisioned transport large stones, whittling, carving patterns, Buddhas, gods and then assembled to form a huge architectural complex but harmonious, stable solidity on high mountains … see how the ancients have poured effort, wisdom, new wealth created a magnificent Wat Phou.

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