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Natural attractions can’t be missed in Laos

Unspoiled mountain scenery, mysterious natural caves, waterfalls are spectacular tourist attractions natural ecology can not be missed in Laos. Indochina tours Laos

  1. Khong Lor

Coming to Khong Lor visitors can not toss bleach with oars, floating visit the beautiful scenery in the cave paradise. Certainly visitor to this place, also overwhelmed with stalactites class hierarchy, stalagmites, stone bell massive, cool dynamic space, quiet sound, too cup drip water droplets in the cave. All of them gives you the feel great, you will feel the love and closeness with this country so much.

Khong Lor cave

Khong Lor cave – source:

  1. Canyon Nam Ou

Dubbed the Grand Canyon of Lao, Nam Ou gives tourists a trip on the river through the 448 km differences from province to Luang Prabang Phongsaly. Two river was the scene of the imposing cliffs interspersed with fertile villages.

Nam Ou

Nam Ou – source:

Nam Ou river is also home to over 84 species of fish, 29 species of which can only be found here. In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to Pak Ou Caves, famous for the Buddha statue.

  1. Tat Waterfall

Tat Waterfall is also known as Li Phi. It is believed that this is where the souls of those traps and evil animals. Besides the spiritual sense, there are 1.5 km of this river and dramatic scenery. Waterfall is a bridge connecting the two islands Don Det and Don Khon approximately 800 m. Beautiful waterfall flowing water time is immediately after the rainy season.

Tat Waterfall

Tat Waterfall – source:

  1. The Mekong River

Mekong River is probably everyone knows about it. The largest river in Southeast Asia, derived from China and flows through Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Mekong mainstream romantic place “nurture” nature of Laos. Floating on Mekong water waves green mike ultramarine blue scenic lakeside, peaceful atmosphere of the distant villages along the line

Wonderful scene in Mekong River

Wonderful scene in Mekong River – source:

  1. Vang Vieng

Without beautiful architecture, the resort is not modern or wander wide streets lined stone but every year, Vang Vieng attract a huge number of visitors. With the advantage of ideal terrain – mountain back against the river view, town Vang Vieng is known as a peaceful countryside Nam Song River. This small town has its hidden in the wild character and a very peaceful town.

Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng – source:

After hours of active sports activities, you can leisurely bike ride along the river, quiet fishing or lying on the hammock reading is stuck on the swaying coconut trees, the sun began to creep horizon.

Joined the tour to Laos, tourists will be immersed with the journey of discovery here.

Travel lovers.

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