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Discover the unique festival in Laos

Discover the unique festival in Laos will have a pleasant experience while exploring the beautiful country. Your travel to Laos will be more complete and meaningful. Travel Indochina

  1. Bunpimay

Every country in the world to welcome the new year by custom and own tradition. To welcome the new year, each country has its unique festivals, bearing deep cultural traditions of their people. New Year in Laos tribes started from the 13th to the calendar 15/4 which is called Bunpimay.

Bunpimay festival

Bunpimay festival – source:

Bunpimay Festival usually takes place for three days. The first day is also the last day of the old year, it was cleaned in the outside lane, prepare scented water and flowers. In the afternoon, villagers focused on Buddhist pagoda for worshiping, praying, listening to the monks preach. Festivals bring meaning cool, prosperity for all things, prosperous and happy, chemical purity of human life. Tet, people splash each other for good luck for the whole year. Travel to Laos

  1. Traditional boat racing festival

In view of the Laotians after three month of fasting, people were driven off the troubles to start with a new day of life, it is time sailing festival – unique traditional festival of the Laos. Chronic vegetarian feast consists of 3 main activities are: the ceremony (including practical and cozy candlelight procession around the temple), but significant drop lights boats and most exciting racing boat. Boat racing has been considered an occasion to have fun just received the good luck.

Traditional boat racing festival

Traditional boat racing festival – source:

Traditional boat racing festival of Laos is considered as a landmark launch for the entertainment, marriage, house… from Laos. So it means tremendous for people born and raised in the country Million Elephants.

  1. Pha That Luang

Laos is a country where Buddhism is considered the National religion, every year in Laos, almost every month there is also the festival; of which, the Pha That Luang is a unique traditional festivals, cultural Laos bold and attract the most attention from a large number of tribal people across the country and the Lao People’s northeastern province of Thailand, also as international visitors.

Pha That Luang festival

Pha That Luang festival – source:

Come to Pha That Luang, the procession will carry a steel Pha That Luang travel around three laps before the stop at the rear lobby and bade offertory gifts received with solemn form, seriously, respectfully. According to tradition, each family, or a group of people… together can offer a Pha Sat Phong.

  1. Elephant Festival

Local Xayaburi province is famous with many elephants and now has nearly 400 elephants home. From 18 to 20/2, Province of Laos Xayaboury held Elephant Festival to contribute to the preservation of traditional cultural beauty, expressing intimate relationship between humans and elephants.

Elephant Festival

Elephant Festival – source:

Elephant festival was to encourage local people to protect the elephants that are part of the natural heritage of Laos, contributing to the economic development and tourism in the province and the country Xayaboury particular and Laos in general.

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