Best packages to explore Indochina in 2018

Best packages to explore Indochina in 2018

From coastlines to big cities, Indochina is made up of so many diverse travel destinations making it hard to narrow down the list to only a few best Indochina tour packages in 2018. The following list of top 3 best packages to explore Indochina in 2018 is an introduction to the best and most popular places to go in this area, from hotspots in Vietnam to where to go in Myanmar.
14-day VIETNAM CULTURAL HIGHLIGHTS (Hanoi – Halong – Sapa – Hue – Danang – Hoian – Ho Chi Minh City – Mekong Delta) – time for Vietnamese culture

Hanoi -the 1,000-year-old capital city

Hanoi -the 1,000-year-old capital city- source: internet

Vietnam is considered as a wide variety of factors, landscapes, attractions, and people, as well as votes from thousands of travelers, to determine which holiday destinations can be considered the best in this beautiful country.

Vietnam’s rich heritage and culture, rooted in its history, provides you with a wide variety of cultural opportunities, including war museums, historic sites, and other festivals, historic buildings, neighborhoods, and landscapes. The culture of Vietnam is primarily Vietnamese but is influenced by Chinese and French.

This 14-day tour of VIETNAM CULTURAL HIGHLIGHTS includes historic, cultural, and natural attractions. What can be a better Indochina tour package to experience the places and activities that authentically represent the Vietnamese stories and people of the past and present?

8-day CAMBODIA DISCOVERY (Phnom Penh – Battambang- Siem Reap) – discover Cambodia in just a few days

With the Angkor Wat as a national icon, Cambodia is widely known as the Land of magical temples or the Kingdom of Wonder. For the past few centuries, people from all over the world have visited Cambodia, drawn by the world’s largest religious structure, seeking an exciting journey. But is it all about this magical temple?


Phnom Penh vibrant capital

Phnom Penh vibrant capital – source: Toronto Star

Phnom Penh has a lot going for it. Iconic landmarks like the Royal Palace, the National Museum, the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum & Cheoung Ek Killing Fields, Wat Phnom (Temple Hill), the Independence Monument, the Royal Palace & Silver Pagoda, and the Central Market, or Psar Thmei allow you to sightsee for days. Just make sure to save some energy for an evening out – this nation’s capital city boasts a lively restaurant and bar scene.

Without the bustle and hustle of the capital and the buzz of Siem Reap’s nightlife, Battambang is where you can get a more authentic glimpse into local culture with the unique lifestyle and get rid of inconvenient crowds and tourist traps.

The Angkor Wat – Cambodia’s national icon

The Angkor Wat – Cambodia’s national icon

Travelers to Siem Reap for the impressive, bucket list-worthy UNESCO World Heritage site of Angkor, but stay for its relaxed atmosphere bustling with tuk tuks, amazing Cambodian art and textiles – both modern and traditional, as well as its thriving culinary scene of both traditional Khmer cuisine and luxurious, stylish restaurants, world-class hotels, and buzzing nightlife.

12-day – 11-night ESSENCE OF MYANMAR (Yangon- Inle Lake- Heho- Bagan- Ngapali Beach) – have Myanmar all to yourself

Having retained much of its historic and unique character, Myanmar is an ideal destination for the more adventurous at heart. A 12-day-11-night tour of Essence of Myanmar gives you a chance to discover the great attractions in Myanmar and the country’s wonderful uniqueness.

The pride of Yangon

The pride of Yangon-source: NewsCrab

Big yet not modernized, Yangon is the gateway to Myanmar and likely to be your first stop in this country. With Victorian buildings, striking glided pagodas, tree-lined avenues, mesmerizing natural charm, and a bustling city center of friendly vendors, men going about in their daily chores dressed traditionally in their sarong-like longyi and flip-flop sandals and women and girls with thanaka smeared on their faces, this former capital makes a great introduction to the country.

Located in the center of Myanmar, Inle Lake is an utterly captivating 13.5-mile freshwater lake where you can see life on the shallow. Enjoy exciting boat tours? Appreciate an amazing destination where you can get a great insight into the country’s heritage? Look no further than Inle Lake! Expect these lovely tranquil villages with some ethnic minorities, beautiful floating gardens, and houses on stilts, and especially the fishermen maneuvering their boats with only one leg. It is such a unique way to see Myanmar that you could be unable to do by any other form of transportation.

Part international transfer, part lovely town, Heho is such an interesting stop on the way from Inle Lake to Bagan. Don’t let this place be overlooked by its airport and the famous tourist attraction of Inle Lake. It has much more to offer.

Fishermen maneuver their boats with only one leg in Inle Lake

Fishermen maneuver their boats with only one leg in Inle Lake- source: Pepita Viaggi

Together with Ngwe Saung Beach and Chaung Tha Beach, Ngapali Beach in the country’s southwest makes Myanmar a must-visit country for its relatively unspoiled coastline with splendid, white sand beaches.

A particular part of Southeast Asia, Indochina is one of the most popular vacation destinations all year round that celebrates its long-term history (from the mid-19th to the mid-20th century) along with its modern arts and rich culture scene.


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