Top things to do in Southern Laos

Things to do in Southern Laos

Being considered as one of the few truly marvelous travel destinations left in the world, Laos has such a hidden charm that you might find yourself falling in love at the first sight. Not only thanks to its magical beauty and the friendly locals, Laos with the traditional values will be the best place where you are guaranteed a roller coaster of a cultural ride in exploring this country. The South in Laos is definitely a must-see you cannot miss out. Let’s check the top three destinations in the Southern Laos itinerary below to find inspiration for your next place to visit.

Visiting Tham Konglor CaveTham Kong Lo is a large limestone cave located in Phu Hin Bu National Park, Khammouane Province.  About 130 km to the north, thanks to the Nam Hun Bun River flowing into the cave, visitors who take part  in the foreign tours to Laos can pay a visit by boat.

Tham Konglor Cave

Tham Konglor Cave

With a length of 7 km where the Nam Hun Bun River passes, this is also the route you can explore the cave called the “Geological Wonder of Southeast Asia”. Tham Kong Lo caves are up to 90 meters in height, so there is a large space in the cave. The lake, which emits turquoise light in the cave, is a sacred place of local people who believe that this lake is the skin of a god. The sparkling blue light also makes this cave more magical and attractive.  But whether Kong Kong Lo is beautiful or not, this place is definitely not for the weak- heart tourists.

Discovering the delights of the  Bolaven Plateau

Laos with its green hills and numerous cascading waterfalls will easily conquer the heart of tourists in the very first time. From the capital of Paksé in Southern Laos, you can reach Bolaven by renting a motorbike with a mapping paper on your hand. To discover Bolaven, there are two loops for you to choose from. Small bow can go within 3 days. Large arcades will go through many more rapids, which means the path will be more difficult, completed in about 5 days. However, in return, you will be able to see the beauty of nature as well as the gift of nature, multicultural ethnic villages, enjoy delicious food, home-made Arabica coffee and contact friendly local people. You won’t be able to say you’ve been to many places like this in your life when experiencing to stay at the simple but lovely homestays. Let’s Imagine the scene where you will be asleep in quiet nighttime space, hear the murmur, be awakened by the nice tunes of birds in the early morning. What an escape from the bustling and noisy life, right? 

Immerse yourself into nature is the best way to discover this place

Immerse yourself into nature is the best way to discover this place

Exploring the 4000 Island archipelago of Si Phan Don

Located in the southern region of Laos, is the vast Si Phan Don archipelago where is dubbed the “land of 4,000 islands” as beautiful as a watercolor painting. Not only the natural, wild, majestic scenery, Si Phan Don also attracts visitors thanks to the exotic position and acquires a reputation for the dolphin here.

Traveling to Don Khone Island will give visitors an exciting experience while enjoying themselves and discovering the majestic nature. Don Khone is known as a reasonable resort paradise.

The room is assembled from wooden planks, erected near the river. The bed includes mattress and mosquito screen, and it is good enough for those who want to find life pristine and, quiet.

In Si Phan Don, small boats are used to move among islands. Alternatively, you can bike to explore the peaceful small island on a bumpy road running from one end of the island to the other. You will feel total freedom and, quiet when passing through the green rice fields as the best way to blow away the sorrows. 

Things to do in southern LaosThey are not all, of course. But I hope you will find this blog useful for your travel itinerary when visiting the Southern region in Laos. Let’s contact us for more information via Indochina Tours Company


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